Showbot wants to know why Liam Payne had to go to hospy, the caller thinks Niall is the creepiest member of 1D, Nick gets all the blame and Matt Fincham has celebrity beef. (17.09.2014)

'Who do you think is the creepiest?'
'ME? Me personally? I love them ALL… cause I know the total abuse I'll get if I mention one of them…'
'And that's the right answer!'

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The fact that they are well aware about all the hate from Twitter .. It’s so wrong! 

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  • Showbot: He's creepy
  • Grimmy: He's (Liam) not creepy!
  • Caller: I think they're all a bit creepy.
  • Grimmy: Who do you think is the creepiest?
  • Caller: The Irish one, the one that Finchy likes.
  • Finchy: Excuse me!
  • Grimmy: Who do you think is the creepiest?
  • Finchy: I love them all because I know the hate I'll get on twitter if I say anyone's name
  • Ian: That is the right answer
  • Grimmy: I think Harry is the creepiest. He looks like Tim Burton drew him.
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